What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is an alternative source of energy that is the energy derived from the sun in the form of solar radiations. It is transferred into electric energy ones it is collected up by a photovoltaic device called solar panels which transform radiant energy into electrical energy.


Solar panels produce DC Current and invertors convert DC current to AC current. In India, our appliances run on AC Current so Solar Energy is well suited for us. any extra power generated gets stored in the batteries for later use or can be supplied back to the grid.

Major Myths Surrounding Solar


A major myth surrounding solar is that it needs heat to produce electricity and so man think that the efficiency goes low in winters.

FACT– Solar energy systems run on photovoltaic technology which uses light and not heats to produce electricity.

A QUICK FACT– Ladakh being the coldest region in India has the greatest solar energy potential due to maximised reflective light due to snow-capped peaks.


Solar PV Systems produce electromagnetic radiations which cause cancer.

FACT– the TV or Refrigerator in the house produces a much higher electromagnetic field compared to solar PV. Moreover, electromagnetic radiation field exposure and cancer have no relationship.

Why do we need Solar?


Remember when Beijing the capital of China was shut down due to heavy air pollution levels?

Delhi 2017
  • Stuck at the Delhi airport due to smog?
  • Difficulty in breathing or eyes burning as soon as you reach the national capital?
  • Thinking that the city is a little blurred or tainted as if looking through dirty glasses?

If you answer YES the reason for it is air pollution.


Going Green and adopting renewable source of power as a basic requirement of life.


The pollution level in Ranchi is 276 wherein Delhi it is 321. we are very close to the hazardous level of 300.

What are the Benefits of Going Solar?

  • Price of Solar Powered Electricity is much lower than traditional sources.
  • Independent Reliable source of power
  • Huge subsidies from the government
  • Lucrative Tax benefits
  • Protection of rooftops and best utilization of free terrace space
  • The cost of Solar is reducing while the cost of traditional electricity is increasing manifold.
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