Solar Power Plant- An Investment!

In 1931, Thomas Edison the great inventor of electric light bulbs said that he would put his money on Sun and Solar energy. What a source of Power he exclaimed.

Today in line with the dream of our respected Prime Minister of solarizing the country, lucrative schemes have seen launched in the state of Jharkhand by JREDA (Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency).

This scheme involves Grid Interactive Solar Rooftop Power Plant with Net Metering. The power generated by the solar rooftop power plant is used in the establishment and excess solar energy generated if any can be put back into the grid thereby majorly reducing the electricity bill.

Industrial and commercial establishment get heavy depreciation on these solar rooftops @ 80% which results in a very good tax planning as well. After taking into account all the benefits the Solar Rooftop Power Plant starts generating money from 4th Year itself.

The Scheme involves upfront subsidy and very competitive rates, which means that the establishment will have to pay only the amount which has been reduced by the subsidy.

Rate Chart as per the Scheme:-

Type Category Rate (Per KW) Subsidy (In Rs.) Out of Pocket
Residential Domestic

Subsidy @50%

“A” 1-4 KW 72,000.00 36,000.00 36,000.00
“B” 5-50 KW 70,000.00 35,000.00 35,000.00
“C” Above 50 KW 61,000.00 30,500.00 30,500.00
Institutions & Social Sectors

Subsidy @30%

“A” 1-4 KW 72,000.00 21,600.00 50,400.00
“B” 5-50 KW 70,000.00 21,000.00 49,000.00
“C” Above 50 KW 61,000.00 18,300.00 42,700.00
Private Commercial & Industrial Sectors

Subsidy @10%

“A” 1-4 KW 72,000.00 7,200.00 64,800.00
“B” 5-50 KW 70,000.00 7,000.00 63,000.00
“C” Above 50 KW 61,000.00 6,100.00 54,900.00


The above rate includes for 5 Years of Comprehensive Maintenance and Care and there is zero running cost for the solar power plants.

25 years warranty is available for the Solar Panels with 90% efficiency up to 10 years and 80% efficiency for next 15 years.

Jharkhand receives a lot of sunshine throughout the year almost to a range of 330 clear sunny days and has a vast scope for electrification through solar energy.

Apart from being very economical, it is an environmentally friendly project. With a very small investment, the energy you receive from Solar is guilt free, conscious clean energy. Establishments can even use these as their CSR Projects.

And as Bill Gates has said: “It’s really cool to have Solar panels on Your Roof”.


Go Solar, GO Green.

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